18 Pleasant, Concord, NH 03301 | 603-225-0099

Salon K Team of AVEDA Trained Stylists & Technicians

Keith Mason, Owner Keith Mason, Master Stylist/owner

Keith has a unique passion for beauty that clearly shows
on all his guests. His talent lies in creative hair cutting and
exceptional color skills. Keith loves to study the client's
features to help them achieve a look that compliments them.
It is not uncommon for his clients hair to get noticed by complete strangers.
His approach is high energy and honest. Keith was voted "best stylist" in New
Hampshire and he uses that compliment to make sure his hair matches up to that title.
" When a client is in my chair, their happiness and beauty is my complete focus
and passion."
Jackie, Stylist Jackie, Master Stylist

Jackie has been a stylist for many years most of which she has specialized in working with AVEDA products and techniques. Jackie has has extensive training and certification in
AVEDA coloring and cutting. She also has quite a talent for formal styles. She is very fond of her profession and making her clients feel and look amazing. "I love what I do and take pride in being a stylist and working with a great team."
Sasha, Stylist Sasha, Master Stylist

Sasha has been a top stylist for many years. She has an extensive clientel and has worked
with AVEDA products for most of her career. She specializes in customized coloring and
cutting. Her talent and love for her career shows through her work. "My passion for beautiful hair stays consistent every day

Bailey, Stylist Bailey, Master Stylist

Bailey has been a stylist and an educator for many years. Her knowledge of the beauty business shows on all of her guests. She is a creative stylist and helps her clients achieve the exact look they want. Bailey brings her exciting energy to the chair everyday and always strives to further train and advance herself.
Ashley, Stylist Ashley, Master Stylist

Ashley is a local to the Concord area and has been doing hair since 2008. Knowing a bad
hair day can make for a bad day, Ashley strives for guest satisfaction. Having a few laughs along the way is the foundation for her passion for hair. She strives to keep up with all of AVEDA's latest techniques allowing her to accommodate all her guests wants and needs.
Denise, Stylist Denise, Master Stylist

Denise has been a stylist since 2005. Her desire for being a stylist is strong. Denise is an amazing listener and gives great advice on how to achieve the look her clients desire. She specializes in multi-dimensional hair color and is very talented at hair cutting. Denise is always looking for advanced education opportunities to keep up with the latest techniques and trends.
Lisa, Esthetician Lisa, Esthetician

Lisa has been in the salon industry 10 plus years. She is a top makeup artist who also specializes in AVEDA skin treatments. Her passion for makeup artistry and Esthetics is truly undeniable.
Michelle, Stylist Michelle, Master Stylist

Michelle has been a stylist since 1998. Her desire is working with clients to create a style that best suits their needs and lifestyle. She enjoys working with all textures of hair. She
specializes in short hair, razor cutting, color and multi-dimensional foiling. "In my spare time I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family"
Lorie, Stylist Lorie, Master Stylist

Lorie has been a part of the salon industry for over 18 years. For 10 years she owned her
own salon until she merged with Salon K. Lorie has been certified with AVEDA for a long time and continues to seek continuing education with them. Lorie connects extremely well with her guests and insists that their expectations are met. "I am surrounded by the utmost talent in
our  industry and I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing team.
 Tricia, Stylist Tricia, Master Stylist

Tricia's extensive career in the beauty industry extends over 30 years. Her experience
includes advanced education taught by some of the industry's best. Over the past 8 years
she has worked as a certified AVEDA colorist. Tricia specializes in corrective color, foiling
and AVEDA hair cutting. "My number one priority is my clients and them leaving 100% satisfied."
 Rachel, Nail Technician Rachel, Nail Technician

Rachel is a nail technician like no other. Her smile from the minute you see her, makes your experience complete. Her talent lies in awesome pedicures and relaxing , fully engaged, manicures. She has a sense of her clients needs like no other. Rachel also does acrylic nails and shellac. Her clients love her and are very committed to her.

 Kelsey, Stylist Kelsey, Master Stylist

Kelsey has always had a love for hairstyling. She brings a creative edge to all her coloring and cutting services while keeping up with the latest trends. "The art of cosmetology is a creative outlet for me and a way to connect with others."

 Nicole, Stylist Nicole, Master Stylist

Nicole is an experienced and knowledgeable stylist. She is well rounded in many types of hair services and jumps at any opportunity to learn more. "The beauty industry is constantly evolving and I love that. No two days are ever the same and this allows me to endlessly be creative."

 Jamie, Stylist Jamie, Master Stylist

Jamie is a strong stylist excelling in haircutting and foils. She is excellent at styling and has an eye for fashion. She followed her path to the beauty business and has excelled ever since.